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About Me

From a young age Ashley has been creating and designing anything she could get her hands on. Whether it was paint, fabric or sand, she has always had the passion to design. 


In 2004 life took Ashley through a cosmetology apprenticeship that opened her eyes to the endless joy of the hair world. Eager to learn all she could, she quickly found her niche in hairstyling. She learned how hair coloring and placement could enhance a person's best features and bring out a haircut. Being a natural blonde herself, she was particularly drawn to perfecting blonde hair whether it was a sun-kissed dimensional blonde or platinum blonde. By using her techniques, she can give a client the color and cut they desire and keep it looking good for weeks. Ashley's need for design and building is fulfilled when creating updos for a date night or a bride’s big day. From whimsical to perfectly structured updos she achieves the right style for the guest. 


After working in the industry for 10 years it was only natural for Ashley to open Salon Sage. With motivation and an amazing team behind her. Salon Sage opened its doors November 2014! The salon started through hard work, positive attitudes and a willingness to face all obstacles. Ashley only hires people who she knows would do her hair with the same passion that she has. The end result is a friendly and comfortable salon that creates beautiful looks for every client. Hair is an accessory you take with you every day. It is worth the investment. “Every day we get to make people look and feel their best and that’s what keeps me going."


Ashley Love

Salon sage owner

Working Hours:







Cut and Style

Women's Haircut                             Men's Haircut                                  Blowout                                      


Men's Color                                          
Full Highlight                           
Partial Highlight      

Full Balayage           
Partial Balayage                    



Up-Do                                            Wedding                                     













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